Letters: Neuropathy in the Shower

Neurology Now
August-september 2012
Volume 8(4)
p 11
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Thank you for your informative magazine. My wife and I both have neuropathy; hers is the painful kind. After multiple surgeries on her feet for other problems over the past six years, she has become extremely sensitive to being barefoot in the shower. We have looked far and wide for something comfortable and found nothing. However, I fashioned a mat for her out of the Norsk-Sport Foam Mat (see photo). This mat comes in a package of eight interlocking pieces in a variety of colors. I cut one mat to fit her shower with a drain opening in the center. She has used it and says it is the most comfortable mat she has ever used. The mat is available at most sporting goods stories. Hope it is helpful to others.

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Edward Leonard

Roanoke, VA

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