Pictures of You: Morgan Sobel

Neurology Now
February-march 2012
Volume 8(1)
p 38
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Morgan Sobel, age 25.

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I understand you were diagnosed with a serious neurologic condition as a child.

Yes, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 7.

What kind of treatment did you receive?

Surgery removed most of the tumor. Later on, I was started on a breast cancer medication that has been shown in some studies to shrink tumors. Thankfully it has worked for me.

Could you share something that has helped you along the way in dealing with this?

Living is my way of dealing. I focus a lot on my work as a copywriter, and I do a lot of art and design. I enjoy trying new things like cooking classes, seeing concerts, and going to new exhibits at museums. Keeping myself busy and doing the things I enjoy has kept me sane.

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