Letters: Cruetzfeldt‐Jakob Disease

Neurology Now
November/December 2010
Volume 6(6)
p 7
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My father was just diagnosed with Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease, a degenerative and fatal brain disorder that causes dementia. The disease afflicts approximately one person per million worldwide.

Dad was and still is a brilliant man, an accomplished architect with an incredible vocabulary. He has been my mentor and role model. Even through the disease I can still feel his adoration for his family—there is no mistaking that look. He adores his three girls, respects his sons-in-law, and loves his grandchildren.

I inherited the movement disorder gene—I have Parkinson's—so I panicked at the thought of inheriting Cruetzfeldt-Jakob disease from my father. But I was wrong: I inherited his strength and logical mind.

Thank you Dad. We all love you and will meet this challenge together.

—Erica Mandelbaum


Thank you for your letter, Erica. We wish you the best in coping with this illness. For more information on Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, contact:

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) Foundation Inc.



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