LETTERS: One More Thought

Neurology Now
May/June 2010
Volume 6(3)
p 5
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The poem “One More Thought” very much describes my husband and me. “Our neighbors at the movie holding hands”: A year ago I had to place my husband in a home after taking care of him for three years. One of the first things I noticed on going to a show by myself was a couple walking together. I'd often gone to the movies by myself before this, but just knowing I could no longer take him anywhere with me and “be a couple” really hit me.

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I think the “I” has also leaked from my husband. He is so passive and content in not wanting anything, or being responsible for anything, that it is as if his will has just melted. I am fortunate that he knows me and lights up when I appear—also that he is so grateful for attentions he used to take for granted.

Rosemary Hackett

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