Unsung Heroes

Neurology Now
July/August 2009
Volume 5(4)
p 8
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This letter is in response to your question in “From the Editor,” May/June 2009, about the unsung heroes in our lives. I suffered with consistent migraines for several years brought on by everything from stress to weather changes. I was virtually living on a butalbital/codeine/NSAIDs cocktail at least once a week (if not more) just to keep myself going and hold a job. This was my life for almost two full years until, after a change in my company's health plan, I was blessed enough to find an incredible doctor: Dr. John H. Jacobsen, neurology specialist in Chicago. He stuck with me and found me the best help possible.

One of the most important ingredients in getting better is a dedicated, concerned, and innovative doctor. If not for him, my migraines would have continued to control my life.

L. Moreno

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