Music Therapy

Neurology Now
May/June 2008
Volume 4(3)
p 8
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Thank you for the article on Dr. Oliver Sacks in your Jan/Feb 2008 issue. Here in Spokane, WA, we enjoy and benefit from singing sessions with our chapter of the Tremble Clefs. Started in Scottsdale, AZ, Tremble Clefs groups across the country help to retain and improve the voices of people with Parkinson's disease. While studies show that singing is physically therapeutic, as Dr. Sacks mentioned, we find that the friendship and support within the group is even more powerful, lifting our spirits and filling our hearts with hope.

We recently began using rhythm instruments, which add a dimension of lighthearted fun to our gatherings. We don't strive for a lot of polish, but we do have a great time leading sing-a-longs at local care centers.

Ruth Palnick

song leader and person with Parkinson's (8 years); and Sara Nielsen, speech therapist

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