Neurology and Creativity

Neurology Now
January/February 2008
Volume 4(1)
p 8
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Thank you for your publication about neurological disorders, research, and the latest therapies. As someone who suffered a brain injury back in 1990, I can still remember how frustrating it was to find informative material about my condition.

At the time, I was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury/concussion. Shortly after I returned home from a rehab center, my husband bought some paints and an easel home. He's really bad at Pictionary, so I didn't understand, until he said it was for me. I had done some sketching in college but knew nothing about colors or oils. When I finally got up the nerve to put the brush to the canvas, it was as if it was familiar to me and helped me deal with the pain. Since then, I haven't stopped painting and I have used art in working with other brain-injured people. I am now a facilitator at a children's bereavement center, where art is very therapeutic in helping the children cope with inner pain.

Linda Sciarra

Wakefield, RI

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