Richard Cohen

Neurology Now
November/December 2007
Volume 3(6)
p 8
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I was diagnosed with MS three months ago. I am 67 years old and had retired to enjoy my “golden years,” only to be diagnosed with MS. I definitely relate to Richard Cohen. His attitude of why he rides the subway—“because he can”—reflects my attitude completely at this point. I struggle to do things and others ask why, stressing they can do it for me. But I do it because I can. My deep fear of that time when I may not be able to things for myself keeps me fighting for my independence now. Mr. Cohen's article was a source of strength for me and, I'm sure, for many others. I hope he knows he is appreciated. Your magazine has been a great resource for me. Thank you.

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Audrey Whitman

Council Bluffs, Iowa

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