Letters: Dreaming With Multiple Sclerosis

Neurology Now
June/July 2011
Volume 7(3)
p 7
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Oh, Patti! When I read your essay, “Give and Take,” in the February/March 2011 issue, I thought I was reading about myself. I have an 11-year head start on you with my multiple sclerosis (MS), so these days I don't run in high heels—even in my dreams. I do, however, dream I'm walking unaided, which I can't do in real life anymore. Like you, I'm still driving: I just passed a road test with flying colors this past summer. And like you, I have a wonderful husband who, in addition to doing the laundry and the groceries and the errands and countless other things, has made it possible for me to be only semi-retired from my profession.

Except for a gradual worsening of the problem with my left leg, there's been no progression of my MS beyond what I had at diagnosis. Hope you have similar good fortune.

Marilyn Rench

Racine, WI

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