Pictures of You

Neurology Now
March/April 2010
Volume 6(2)
p 39
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Denise L. Pease, age 57.

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When were you diagnosed with epilepsy? I suffered what I thought was a minor head injury during a car accident in 1995. In the following months, I lost my ability to read, write, and speak effectively. After two years, I was finally diagnosed with epilepsy. Before the accident, I was one of New York State's Deputy Superintendents of Banks. I quickly became a candidate for an adult-care facility.

Speaking to you now, I would never know that. How do you manage your condition? I found a great epileptologist—Dr. Martha Morrell—and together we found the right anti-seizure medication for me. Dr. Morrell encouraged me to join the Epilepsy Foundation ( ), which has been an important part of my recovery. They connected me with support groups and helped me get involved in raising awareness and money for research. Today I sit on their national board, and I am back in the workforce.

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