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April-may 2013 Volume 9 Issue 2
Departments: From the Editor
choosing wisely: money spent on unnecessary medical services does nothing to improve human health.
Departments: Letters
blair underwood.
what a cure would mean: multiple system atrophy. - Tocatlian, Patricia
what a cure would mean: multiple system atrophy.
what a cure would mean: stroke. - Fontenot, S.
what a cure would mean: stroke.
neurology now(r) for the ipad(r).
what a cure would mean: cavernous angiomas. - Wilkinson, Michelle
what a cure would mean: cavernous angiomas.
central pain syndrome. - Gilstrap, R.
young adult stroke. - Grinstead-Glick, Cindy
american brain foundation. - Otis, Anita
american brain foundation.
attitude is everything. - Brown-Braxton, V.
jennifer grey.
myasthenia gravis. - Rickert, Edward
myasthenia gravis.
myasthenia gravis. - Dailey, Mary
myasthenia gravis.
Departments: The Waiting Room
this way in: nia for parkinson's disease. - Rukovets, Olga
neurology news: new concussion guideline from the american academy of neurology. - Smolinsky, Mike
neurobics: the cocktail party effect. - Kim, Scott
advocacy: the 2013 world parkinson congress. - Farley, Todd
neurobics answers. - Kim, Scott
Features: Tim Howard
soccer star tim howard: tending goal with tourette's syndrome. - Farley, Todd
Features: Choosing Wisely
choosing wisely: don't waste your money on unnecessary medical care. - Avitzur, Orly
Features: Pain
living with pain. - Paturel, Amy
Departments: Penny Wise
funding cuts for nerve studies will hit neurology patients hard. - Shaw, Gina
Departments: Your Questions Answered
ask the experts: parkinsonism. - Parashos, Sotirios