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An official publication of the American Academy of Neurology, Neurology Now® is an award-winning magazine written for people with neurologic disorders and their caregivers. Neurology Now features the latest information on the advances in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic diseases, expert advice about wellness and disease prevention, discussions of new medications and therapies, and strategies for coping with neurologic disorders and the life changes that may accompany them.

March/April 2010 Volume 6 Issue 2
from the editor: use it or lose it. - Brey, Robin
letters: multiple sclerosis and your bones. - Szczepanski, Rick
letters: animal research. - Siegel, Eric
letters: animal research. - Daube, Jasper
letters: the "other" dementias. - Munat, Florence
letters: the "other" dementias. - Lilenfeld, Don
letters: monster garden. - Bittner, Mary
letters: monster garden.
letters: multiple system atrophy. - Linn, Debbie
letters: parkinson's quilt. - Kroger, Janice
Departments: The Waiting Room
this way in: clearing the air on cluster headaches. - Shaw, Gina
neurobics: back words. - Kim, Scott
neurology news: evaluation of treatments for muscle cramps. - Wesolowski, Kierstin
neurology on the 'net: neuropathy caregiver blog.
quick tips: epilepsy, menstruation, and ovulation.
neurobics answers: star wars.
golden opportunity. - GORA, SUSANNAH
Features: Depression
depression and resilience. - COOPER, ANDREA
Features: Restless Legs Syndrome
night moves. - GAMBLE, KATE
Departments: Your Questions Answered
ask the experts: autism clusters. - Goldstein, Michael
ask the experts: trigeminal neuralgia. - Gronseth, Gary
ask the experts: foot drop. - Shenoy, Anant
ask the experts: nerve entrapment. - Filler, Aaron
eye on therapy: learning to sleep. - SMOLINSKY, MICHAEL
resource central.
Departments: Photo Essay
pictures of you. - LEVY, ANNIE
speak up: shaken but not staid. - HAVEMANN, JOEL