Cervical Dystonia

Neurology Now
October/November 2013
Volume 9(5)
p 7–8
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Your article on cervical dystonia overlooked the very important treatment option of selective denervation. My wife first exhibited cervical dystonia symptoms in about 1984, although it would be another five years before a diagnosis was made and confirmed. In 1989, she underwent a 10-hour surgical procedure for selective denervation. The surgeon located the nerves controlling the muscles that would spasm and severed the nerves to allow the muscles to relax. After undergoing extensive physical therapy to retrain her brain as to what looking straight ahead meant, she shows few residual signs of cervical dystonia. Although not totally pain free, she has enjoyed life to an extent that would not have been possible without the procedure.

Maurice and Marie St. Germain

Howell, MI

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