Pictures of You: Anna Webber

Neurology Now
June–July 2013
Volume 9(3)
p 44


A photo series of Neurology Now readers.

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Anna Webber, 26

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When were you diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS)? At 23, during my junior year at Pepperdine University.

Is there a person, place, or thing that helps you live with the diagnosis? MS inspires me to live a richer, healthier life. I read, create, exercise, and socialize more because of it. Day-to-day, the mobile app, “My MS Manager” from the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) has been indispensable. It really means I can live my life with MS. As a photographer, I often travel. Inconsistent sleep and diet can throw anyone off, especially someone managing a chronic disease. The peace of mind that comes with carrying all my relevant MS information in my pocket helps free my mind to go about my day.

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