Resources: Free Patient Guidebook and DVD on Epilepsy

Neurology Now
June–July 2013
Volume 9(3)
p 14
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Roughly 2 million people of all ages in the United States have epilepsy. Although it is a serious medical condition, epilepsy can be managed with medicines and other kinds of treatment. Neurologists are specially trained to treated disorders of the brain and nerves, such as epilepsy.

The American Academy of Neurology just created a free guidebook and DVD called Epilepsy: A Guide for Patients and Families. Hosted by actor John O'Hurley, this excellent resource will help you learn more about epilepsy, how it's diagnosed and treated, and how to live with the disease.

To order your free copy, call 800-879-1960. You can also view the video at and download the guidebook at

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