Young Adult Stroke

Neurology Now
April–May 2013
Volume 9(2)
p 9–10
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Thank you for your article “Age Is Just a Number” from the February/March 2013 issue ( ). Who would have ever thought that a 45-year-old nonsmoker would have a stroke? That is exactly what happened to my husband in March 2009. After waking up and heading to the bathroom he threw up. It was flu season, so I told him to go back to bed. Twenty minutes later, I realized something was wrong when he couldn't turn on the shower because he was confused. We got dressed and went to the emergency department. I know now that I should have called 911.

After extensive speech and physical rehab, he was able to come home. However, he started to slip into depression, so I made an appointment with a neuropsychologist. After a full day of different tests, written and oral, he was diagnosed with dementia.

Thank you very much for the information in your magazine.

Cindy Grinstead-Glick

Galloway, OH

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