Pictures of You: Jeremiah McCarthy

Neurology Now
February-march 2013
Volume 8(7)
p 36


A photo series of Neurology Now readers.

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Jeremiah McCarthy, age 19

Figure. No caption available.

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At what age were you diagnosed with a brain tumor?

I was eight at the time of the first diagnosis, and I have had three reoccurrences.

When did you start making art?

I always liked to draw, but after my diagnosis, making art went from being a welcome distraction to a passion. Along with the support of my family, my artwork has really helped me cope.

What prompted you to draw this image?

I was bored and posted a message on Facebook asking, “What should I draw?” Someone commented, “Your interpretation of a brain tumor.” So I did.

Jeremiah McCarthy is part of the “Portrait Project Exhibition” workshop, sponsored in collaboration with the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation. Go for information about support services and/or educational materials.

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