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Neurology Now
July/August 2009
Volume 5(4)
p 6
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I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (PD) three years ago, when I was 75 years old. Like most folks with PD, I lost a lot of physical mobility but fortunately retained most of my marbles. While dealing with my “diminishments” (a phrase I learned from your December 2008 issue), I kept thinking about the dormant power of the total Parkinson's community, which includes patients, families, and concerned friends. I envisioned some sort of nationwide PD project that focused on something other than the disease itself. Three months ago, I decided that my program would be a fundraising initiative supporting a deserving international non-profit organization.

I called on two of my sons to create a Web site called Movers and Shakers, ( ), which explains our philosophy. I was amazed at the very warm reception and the substantial number of donations.

I am now in the process of building a prospect list of over 300 Parkinson's support groups across the country. I am referring to my activity as “the PD support group with a twist.”

Pat Howe

South Kent, CT

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