Neurology Touches Us All

Neurology Now
May/June 2009
Volume 5(3)
p 6
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My interest in neurological disorders is personal. I survived a “neurological incident/brain injury” (subarachnoid cerebral aneurysm) and over the years have learned of neurological disorders diagnosed amongst family members and friends. These include a son diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at age 45, a paternal nephew recently diagnosed at age 43 with multiple sclerosis, a 38-year-old maternal nephew suffering lingering symptoms from a traumatic brain injury, and a close friend who has suffered recurring strokes (the more recent severely affected her ability to communicate verbally…and she was known as a great conversationalist!). Please continue with the publication. Know that I have referred it to many friends and family members.

—Lorrie G. Goodrich

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