Greetings from Iraq

Neurology Now
March/April 2009
Volume 5(2)
p 6–7
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For over three years I have been sponsoring troop battalions in Iraq and Kuwait. This means that during the past three-plus years, I have personally sent more than 4,000 “Care” packages to U.S. troops. I purchased over $50,000 of items they needed (selling things I no longer needed, getting support from my husband, and taking some money out of my retirement from teaching), and I have sent copies of Neurology Now to the battalions in both countries. These infantry units have very dangerous jobs. The magazines are a good way to keep them informed and help them relax when they have a brief moment to themselves.

This photo is of the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry, “Go For Broke” unit. There are 117 men in it. During World War II, it was made up of many Nisei Japanese Americans who were actually coming from internment camps in the U.S. These men showed they were proud Americans, even during that sad phase of our history when they were interned.

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Maxine Russel

Calabasas, CA

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