Brainstormers for Traumatic Brain Injury

Neurology Now
January/February 2007
Volume 3(1)
p 8
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We appreciate your shedding light publicly on traumatic brain injury (TBI) resulting from the war [“Saving Sergeant Radke,” September/October 2006]. This condition has gone largely unrecognized by the public, and articles likes yours really go a long way toward informing people about this condition and its effects.

We are the Brainstormers. We attend a school especially for people coping with traumatic brain injury four days a week. Our group is sponsored by a nonprofit agency, Making Headway: Center for Brain Injury. We are politically active and engage in activities to keep the public informed about living with traumatic brain injury.

We have found strength in unity in a group of people with similar issues. Our group includes people with other brain anomalies like agenesis of the corpus coliseum, moyamoya, and asphyxia. We all face some of the same challenges in our daily lives.

We invite your readers and any returning soldiers with traumatic brain injury to visit our class or correspond with us.

The Brainstormers Eureka Adult School Making Headway

Eureka, Calif.

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