Good Ideas on Stroke Care and Prevention

Neurology Now
January/February 2007
Volume 3(1)
p 8
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Having a wife with a family history of stroke, and a daughter-in-law with a recent stroke, we are acutely aware of many of the concerns voiced in “Preemptive Strikes” and “911: In Case of Stroke Emergency” [November/December 2006]. The simple list of queries prepared by Dr. Phillip B. Gorelick to help patients get involved in their own care opens a path to communication between doctor and patient.

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Questions of proper diet and beneficial eating habits were constantly raised, as we worked with our three granddaughters on their way to maturity.

Today, as these wonderful young ladies enter the worlds of their own choosing, we pray that good ideas will continue with them. Your articles bring the subject in focus while offering realistic alternatives and suggestions. Thank you again for the service this magazine brings to its readers.

Roy McCoy

Baton Rouge, LA

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