Looking for Answers to Battle Migraines

Neurology Now
May/June 2006
Volume 2(3)
p 5
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I just wanted to thank you for the article entitled “Battling Migraine Attacks” [Therapy Watch, March/April 2006]. While I realize the focus of your magazine is not usually on migraines, as a sufferer of some seriously devastating migraines, I really appreciated the attention this article gave. People who get frequent debilitating migraines live in this scary state of anticipation of the next migraine at all times. It's even tougher for those of us who do not respond to typical meds. Thankfully, I have a great neurologist who prescribed a medication which has helped greatly. Thank you again for your high-quality magazine and the great migraine article.

Amanda Simjian

Torrington, Conn.

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