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An official publication of the American Academy of Neurology, Neurology Now® is an award-winning magazine written for people with neurologic disorders and their caregivers. Neurology Now features the latest information on the advances in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic diseases, expert advice about wellness and disease prevention, discussions of new medications and therapies, and strategies for coping with neurologic disorders and the life changes that may accompany them.

February/March 2015 Volume 11 Issue 1
Departments: From the Editor
patients first: as the new editor-in-chief, i intend to keep neurology now informative, relevant, and focused on you.
Departments: Letters
other faces of ms. - Morgensen, Meg
other faces of ms. - Drozdyk, Anita
other faces of ms. - Quilter, Joan
the editor responds: other faces of ms.
more in the epilepsy pipeline. - Farrell, Gina
the editor responds: more in the epilepsy pipeline.
easing the transition to adulthood. - Furth, Sandy
hitting a nerve. - O'Hare, Dan
Departments: The Waiting Room
this way in: caucusing for cures: a legislator's personal history fuels his commitment to raising funds for medical innovation. - Shaw, Gina
guidelines: guiding the way: new medical guidelines weigh in on genetic testing, exercise, and more for people with muscular dystrophy. - Dolan, Darrach
quick tips: 3 questions for top sleep docs: with sleep awareness week around the corner, we asked sleep experts to answer the questions that keep our readers awake at night. - Hiscott, Rebecca
Departments: Living Well
mind your meds: some chronic conditions require dozens of drugs. these 5 tips will help you take them safely and effectively. - Paturel, Amy
Features: RJ Mitte
breaking good: after the role of a lifetime, breaking bad's rj mitte is busting stereotypes about cerebral palsy and speaking out against bullying. - Childers, Linda
Features: The Ice Bucket Challenge
follow the money: the ice bucket challenge raised big bucks on social media. now, the als association tell us where that cold, hard cash is going. - Shaw, Gina
Features: Overcoming Stigma
turn staring into caring: the stigma of a neurologic disorder can be stressful-and can make symptoms worse. patients and doctors teach us how to turn negative reactions into positive encounters. - Stephens, Stephanie
Departments: Ask the Experts
you ask. we answer.: my brother, who was diagnosed with parkinson's disease (pd) last year, has no appetite and has been losing weight over the past three years. is this common with pd? if so, what can he do to get his appetite back?. - Shulman, Lisa, MD, FAAN
Departments: For the Caregiver
there's no place like home: before you modify your living space to accommodate a neurologic condition, consult these expert tips to make sure your alterations are smart and safe. - Shaw, Gina
Departments: Eye on Therapy
take a stand: a neurologic disorder known as pots causes dizziness and fainting-and frustration, due to lack of awareness and inadequate treatment. - Paturel, Amy
Departments: Clinical Trial Watch
treat alzheimer's early: a new trial aims to delay onset of this disease in asymptomatic people at high risk. - Hiscott, Rebecca
Departments: Pictures of You
putting pain in its place: neurology now reader anne ciemnecki, 63, says pain from trigeminal neuralgia no longer controls her. - Levy, Annie
Departments: Resource Central
where to go to find patient organizations, help for all neurologic conditions, and for the american academy of neurology's "find-a-neurologist" tool.
Departments: Speak Up
the power of words: after brain surgery, a writer finds a new voice. - Holzemer, Liz