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An official publication of the American Academy of Neurology, Neurology Now® is an award-winning magazine written for people with neurologic disorders and their caregivers. Neurology Now features the latest information on the advances in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic diseases, expert advice about wellness and disease prevention, discussions of new medications and therapies, and strategies for coping with neurologic disorders and the life changes that may accompany them.

June/July 2016 Volume 12 Issue 3
Departments: From the Editor
unconditional love: in a nod to parents' day, we honor the many parents on the frontlines of the fight against neurologic disease.
Departments: Letters
the other side of aphasia. - Kassal, Leslie
the other side of aphasia. - Puskas, Amanda
avoiding suicide. - Rice, Pahl
alzheimer's trials. - Bristol, Peter
miracle child. - Jericevich, Michelle
vitamin d and ms. - Carter, Roxie
vitamin d and ms. - Kaye, Bella
the editor responds: vitamin d and ms.
prisoners of war. - Franklin, Ann
Departments: The Waiting Room
sowing self-esteem: a farm in upstate new york helps people with developmental disabilities cultivate practical skills and confidence. - Hiscott, Rebecca
beat the heat: warm temperatures can make some neurologic symptoms worse. here's how to keep your cool this summer. - Kritz, Fran
what is guillain-barre syndrome?: a new study provides the strongest link between this neurologic disorder and the zika virus. here's more about the syndrome and the research. - Kritz, Fran
Features: Maria Shriver
conversation starter: after her father's diagnosis, maria shriver started talking about alzheimer's disease. ten years later, she's still talking, and people are beginning to pay attention. - Roberts-Grey, Gina
Features: Children with Adult Diseases
sick before their time: when diseases that typically occur in adults affect children, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery can be daunting. advice from families, patients, and other experts can ease the journey. - Pompilio, Natalie
Departments: For the Caregiver
stop the scam: elderly parents or family members with cognitive impairments are especially vulnerable to financial abuse. safeguard your loved ones with these strategies. - Kunkle, Fredrick
Departments: The Healthy Brain
balancing act: unsteadiness is a common symptom of many neurologic conditions, causing falls and injuries. these strategies can help boost your balance-and your brain health. - Paturel, Amy, MS, MPH
Departments: Clinical Trial Watch
signs before symptoms: some clinical trials are focusing on the early stages of neurologic disease, or on people who are genetically at risk but have no known symptoms. - Gray, Barbara
Departments: Resource Central
resource central: where to go to find patient organizations, help for all neurologic conditions, and the american academy of neurology's "find a neurologist" tool.
Departments: Pictures of You
a caregiver's creed: lois kipnis, 72, says having multiple sclerosis helps her take better care of her 97-year-old mother. - Bolster, Mary
Departments: Speak Up
a pioneering force: the author's mother was widowed with three young children at age 53, but she never let polio compromise her independence. - Williams, Patricia