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An official publication of the American Academy of Neurology, Neurology Now® is an award-winning magazine written for people with neurologic disorders and their caregivers. Neurology Now features the latest information on the advances in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic diseases, expert advice about wellness and disease prevention, discussions of new medications and therapies, and strategies for coping with neurologic disorders and the life changes that may accompany them.

October/November 2014 Volume 10 Issue 5
Departments: From the Editor
aneurysm awareness: knowing your family history can help you avoid a ruptured aneurysm.
Departments: Letters
esmeralda santiago. - Martin, Richard
trigeminal neuralgia. - Simon, Gabriella
trigeminal neuralgia. - Rezinas, Reta
the editor responds: trigeminal neuralgia.
for the caregiver. - Regener, Connie, MA, MDiv
Departments: The Waiting Room
this way in: parkinson's with fewer side effects. - Valeo, Tom
neurology news: the brain initiative. - Valeo, Tom
events: enter the 2015 neuro film festival!
Features: Driving
the keys to safety: how neurologic conditions affect driving. - Shaw, Gina
Features: Tamala Jones
brain matters: actress tamala jones raises awareness of aneurysm. - Childers, Linda
Features: Arachnoiditis
agony and arachnoiditis: named after its inflammation of the brain's "spider" membrane, arachnoiditis is a rare, extremely painful condition that requires individualized treatment. - Debra, Gordon
Features: Travel
globe trotters on four wheels: for these intrepid travelers with neurologic conditions, a wheelchair is just another way to hit the road. - Avitzur, Orly, MD, MBA
Features: The Aging Brain
staying sharp: what you do during your free time could help save your brain. - Pastural, Amy, MS, MPH
Departments: The Healthy Brain
sugar high: evidence linking blood sugar with cognitive problems is one the rise. - Paturel, Amy, MS, MPH
Departments: Eye on Therapy
escaping pain: diagnosis of nerve entrapment syndromes is challenging, but treatment can spell relief. - Samuels, Stephanie
Departments: For the Caregiver
taking care of insurance: advice for caregivers about long-term care, life, auto, and homeowners insurance. - Shaw, Gina
Departments: Pictures of You
sue klingman, 64, diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. - Levy, Annie
Departments: Resource Central
where to go for more information on the topics discussed in this issue of neurology now and for the american academy of neurology's "find-a-neurologist" tool.
Departments: Speak Up
opting for optimism: a pastor and teacher shares his perspective on coping with parkinson's disease. - Woodall, Wendall