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An official publication of the American Academy of Neurology, Neurology Now® is an award-winning magazine written for people with neurologic disorders and their caregivers. Neurology Now features the latest information on the advances in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic diseases, expert advice about wellness and disease prevention, discussions of new medications and therapies, and strategies for coping with neurologic disorders and the life changes that may accompany them.

November/December 2010 Volume 6 Issue 6
from the editor: caregiving demands taking care of yourself, too.. - Brey, Robin
letters: hidden head injury. - Duarte-Rambo, Andrea
letters: cruetzfeldt-jakob disease. - Mandelbaum, Erica
Departments: The Waiting Room
can head injury cause motor neuron disease?. - Wesolowski, Kierstin
neurology news: high-dose aspirin cure for migraine?. - Smart, Paul
neurobics: cubical condos. - Kim, Scott
share your story: win up to $1,000 and a trip to the 2011 neuro film festival in hawaii!!.
neurobics answers.
get involved: donate your art to help in the fight to end brain disorders..
come together: actors jill eikenberry and michael tucker on how alzheimer's disease has made their family bond stronger.. - Childers, Linda
sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: this rare disorder is a call to arms for doctors and patients to control seizures.. - Wilner, Andrew
of doctors and data: in recommending treatments, neurologists must combine the best available evidence with their clinical judgment. what does this mean for you?. - Valeo, Tom
living well: on the record-what to expect as neurology practices go electronic.. - Shaw, Gina
Departments: Your Questions Answered
ask the experts: multiple sclerosis and depression. - Panitch, Hillel
ask the experts: flu and neurologic disease. - Sejvar, James
ask the experts: migraine. - Young, William
Departments: Resource Central
support for alzheimer's patients and their families.
sudep resources and advocacy groups.
assistance directory.
pictures of you wants you!!.
pictures of you: steven spuds, on living with peripheral neuropathy..
speak up: rising above limits and labels-i fulfilled my dreams in spite of a cerebral palsy.. - McCoy, Shanna