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March/April 2006 Volume 2 Issue 2
Department: Letter
a chance encounter leads to seizure surgery. - Hastings, Jeff
janet reno's active life as parkinson's therapy. - Keller, Michael
Department: From the Editor
muhammad ali's message: keep moving forward. - Brey, Robin
ali's fighting spirit. - Matthews, Wallace
the bitter science: head blows from boxing can cause dementia and alzheimer's. can the same chronic brain injury also lead to parkinson's?. - Clancy, Frank
something to scream about: party of two: neve campbell uses acting fame to speak out for people living with epilepsy - starting with her cousin. - Childers, Linda
Department: Ask the Expert
your questions answered. - Spencer, David
your questions answered. - Ballaban-Gil, Karen
your questions answered. - Dyck, Peter
your questions answered. - Corboy, John
alzheimer's century: on the 100th anniversary of dr. alzheimer's discovery, new scientific advances fight a scourge of the 21st century. - STAUFFER, BRIAN
picturing and predicting your brain's future: advanced imaging can now detect changes that foreshadow alzheimer's years before the disease appears. - Shaw, Gina
how to treat ailing memory: a new diagnosis called mild cognitive impairment is a warning sign, but not necessarily of alzheimer's disease. - Valeo, Tom
Department: Living Well
prescription for preventing common medication errors. - Avitzur, Orly
Department: Penny Wise
fighting the medicare drug fire. - Samson, Kurt
Department: Clinical Trial Watch
searching for a stroke gene. - MacReady, Norra
Department: AAN Patient Advocacy
preaching from the choir in a loud unified voice. - Stone, Kathy
Department: Resource Central
for more information-from websites to books.
Department: Speak Up
temporary lourdes. - Sangirardi, Stephen