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Neurology Now
July/August 2008
Volume 4(4)
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From celebrity gossip to favorite lunch spots, nowadays almost anyone with a computer is blogging about something. Want to read about topics you actually care about? Here are a few interesting neurology-related ones. For those of you who are new to the blogosphere, a blog is an online personal journal which often also contains the blogger's reaction to relevant news, links to articles and Web sites of interest, and a place for readers to respond to what the blogger writes.

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The Daily Headache

When Kerrie Smyres was forced to quit her job because of chronic daily headaches, she knew she needed to find a way to remain productive and help others. She found her answer in 2005 when she started . Smyres writes candidly about the ups and downs of life with migraines, such as her experiences with alternative treatments.

Sleep Expert

J. Steven Poceta, M.D., is a neurologist and sleep disorders specialist whose blog, , offers information on everything from anti-snore shirts to the link between obesity and narcolepsy.

Life with MS

Travis Gleason blogs about the big issues, such as stem cell research and the genetics of MS, as well as the personal, like bladder and bowel problems ( ). He also hosts MS Web casts for .

Mary's Place

Mary Lockhart was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's dementia at the age of 55 and gave up her job running a day care for infants. Now she uses her blog, , as a way of journaling moments she'd like to remember and reaching out to others affected by this “lonely disease.” She also hosts live chats for other people with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia: .

BrainTalk Communities

If you can't find a blog that relates to your particular condition check out BrainTalk Communities, one of the most comprehensive neurology support groups on the Web: .

—Stephanie Cajigal

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