Letter from the Chair

May 19, 2011


The field of neurohospitalist medicine remains a dynamic area of neurology with challenges and opportunities on many fronts. Neurohospitalist practice is deeply rooted in the care of complex patients with multiple comorbidities, and as such we can anticipate a continued separation between the practice of hospital-based neurology and office-based neurology. A commitment to always striving to get better, professional competence and scientific knowledge remain paramount to our section members. However, we must be vigilant and commit our energies in improving quality of care and patient safety by crafting guidelines to assure well-executed transitions from one health care setting (inpatient) to another (outpatient). Modern healthcare implies patient-centered care incorporating patients' needs and values. As a group of neurohospitalists committed to advances in the field, we would gain valuable information if we were to include the needs and expectations of our patients in the process of further refining our emerging subspecialty. Finally, in order to effectively involve Section members, I must have a clear understanding of your needs and goals. I welcome a steady exchange of information, while avoiding information overload. I look forward to cooperative learning and mutual growth in the year ahead.