AAN Sections Now Connected Through AAN.com Communities

April 7, 2011


AAN Section members now have a convenient way to interact with colleagues and conduct section business through communities on AAN.com. All 32 sections now have a corresponding community in which to post comments in discussion forums, send personal messages, view and discuss Neurology® journal and AANnews® articles, and receive important Academy updates.

Log in now and join the discussion at www.aan.com/communities.

Section members automatically have been granted access to their corresponding online community. Community participants also receive a daily digest of responses to forums in which they post so they are never out of sync with the latest updates.

Members may join as many communities or sections as they like at no additional cost to their Academy membership. Section members who are not Academy members must pay an annual $75.00 fee per section if they wish to continue participation. Members who visit the online communities and wish to become a section member can contact Member Services or visit that section’s page, which can be found at www.aan.com/go/about/sections.

For more information, contact Member Services toll-free in the US at (800) 879-1960, at (651) 695-2717 for international members, or via email at memberservices@aan.com.