Actress Lea Thompson Hosts AAN Foundation's Alzheimer's Education Video

April 5, 2011


Film and TV star Lea Thompson is the spokesperson for the AAN Foundation's latest patient education video and guidebook, Alzheimer's Disease: A Guide for Patients and Families.

The video is available in a DVD/guidebook format for members to share with newly diagnosed patients and their caregivers. Copies can be obtained by contacting Member Services. The video also may be viewed online by the public for free via and on the Academy's YouTube channel at

Alzheimer’s DVD and guidebook

Thompson is a renowned film and TV actor, producer, and director, having starred in the blockbuster Back to the Future trilogy, as well as Some Kind of Wonderful, and her own NBC television comedy Caroline in the City. She is featured in the April/May issue of Neurology Now® discussing her experiences caring for family with dementia.

AAN members David Knopman, MD, FAAN, and Ronald Petersen, MD, FAAN, both of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, also appear in the video with expert advice to help families understand symptoms and treatments, and to provide guidance about long-term care.

The DVD presents an overview of the signs of Alzheimer's, along with treatment options and tips on adjusting to changes that come with living daily with the disorder. The guidebook provides a list of trusted resources.

To obtain your free video or for more information, contact Member Services toll-free in the US at (800) 879-1960, at (651) 695-2717 for international members, or via email at