Dear Members of the Neuromuscular Section of AAN:

May 3, 2011


On behalf of the Neuromuscular Section Committee I would like to thank those of you who attended the Section Meeting and the Neuromuscular Highlights in the Field presentation on Thursday, April 13, 2011, during the AAN Annual Meeting in Hawaii.

For our 2012 meeting in New Orleans there will be an enhanced collaboration between the Education and Science Committees and the Neuromuscular Section in planning for the educational activities, courses and presentations. Your suggestions to improve the neuromuscular education and presentations during the upcoming meetings will be appreciated and communicated to the Education and/or Sciences Committee.

We are looking for new members to serve on various subcommittees in the Neuromuscular Section. If you are interested in serving on a committee or have any other suggestions or comments, please email our interim AAN Neuromuscular Section Liaison Nancy Poechmann at

Although the neuromuscular section is the second largest section within AAN, there are many members of AAN with interest in neuromuscular diseases, especially the new and junior members, who have not signed up for membership of the section. Becoming a section member is quite simple and cost free. We ask that each of you encourage your fellows, junior faculties, or practicing neuromuscular colleagues who are members of AAN to sign up for this membership. This can be accomplished by contacting

The 2011 general section meeting minutes will be emailed under separate cover and made available at These will be voted on for approval at the 2012 AAN Annual Meeting. Once again, please direct your comments to our interim AAN Neuromuscular Section Liaison Nancy Poechmann at

With regards,

Anthony A. Amato, MD
Chair, Neuromuscular Section
American Academy of Neurology