Apply Now for Award for Headache/Facial Pain Research

March 22, 2011


Apply now or encourage one of your colleagues to apply for the Harold Wolff-John Graham Award: An Award for Headache/Facial Pain Research. The Harold Wolff-John Graham Award recognizes individuals who have submitted research results in the field of headache and facial pain. It honors two famous headache researchers and clinicians who made outstanding contributions to the field of research in headache and inpatient care. The recipient will be recognized at the 63rd Annual Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, April 9 through 16, 2011.

To be eligible, you must have carried out research—clinical, basic, or multidisciplinary—in the field of headache and facial pain. You must also be no more than 10 years from completion of your most recent training program and no higher academic rank than assistant professor.

Complete your application now in time for the November 1, 2010, deadline.