Payment Policy Subcommittee Continues Input on Payer Medical Policies

March 18, 2011


The Academy's Payment Policy Subcommittee, chaired by Joel M. Kaufman, MD, FAAN, is being increasingly invited to submit comment on medical policies from a variety of payers, including United Health Care and WellPoint. To date in 2008, the subcommittee has facilitated Academy expert member input on 30 draft medical policies. The subcommittee cannot and does not accomplish this task alone. Often, it reaches out to various sections of the Academy for expert input and review of the policies. The subcommittee was pleased that the clinical neurophysiology section responded so quickly and efficiently to a request earlier in the year for review of a policy related to Neurophysiologic Testing for Central and Peripheral Nervous System.

Read a paper put out by the Payment Policy Subcommittee—this document explains in further detail the crucial importance of help in reviewing identified medical policies from members of the clinical neurophysiology section and others in completing its work.

Please address questions about this initiative to Katie Kuechenmeister, Payment Policy Subcommittee Staff Liaison, at or 651-695-2783.