AAN: Any Athlete Suspected of Having Concussion Should Be Removed from Play

March 18, 2011


The AAN has published a position statement calling for any athlete who is suspected of having a concussion to be removed from play until the athlete is evaluated by a neurologist or physician with training in the evaluation and management of sports concussion.

The request is one of five recommendations approved by the AAN's Board of Directors that targets policymakers who determine policy procedures for when an athlete suffers from concussion while participating in a sporting activity. The statement was drafted by the Academy's Sports Neurology Section.

The Sports Neurology Section was asked to draft a position statement on sports concussion, given the high profile this issue has been given by the media in recent months. The heightened media attention has corresponded with increased state legislative activity on head injury among student athletes, as well as new research on the issue itself. As many neurologists work directly with patients who have been diagnosed and treated for concussions that occurred while participating in sports, policymakers, the media and athletic programs look to the Academy for its perspective. As its 1997 guideline on sports concussion is in the process of being updated, the AAN felt it was important to develop this new policy statement for guidance on this important issue.

The Academy will track this vital issue in the upcoming legislative session, and will look for opportunities to collaborate with interested stakeholders.

For more information contact Tim Miller at tmiller@aan.com.

Read the sports concussion position statement.