Sneddon Syndrome

March 1, 2011


The clinical combination of livedo reticularis and ischemic strokes is referred to as Sneddon syndrome, a rare disorder of unknown pathophysiology. Livedo reticularis classically appears as a patchy, net-like, violaceous skin discoloration, appearing typically on the trunk, extremities and sparing the face. This may precede the cerebrovascular symptoms by as many as 30 years. Ischemic strokes often involve the middle cerebral artery territory.


  1. Schellong SM, Weissenborn K, Niedermeyer J, et al. Classification of Sneddon's syndrome. Vasa.1997;26: 215-21.

Submitted by Raghav Govindarajan, resident at the Cleveland Clinic in Florida.

Disclosure: Dr. Govindarajan has nothing to disclose.

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