AAN Launches New Clinical Practice Journal

November 2, 2010


Don't miss the debut of Neurology® Clinical Practice, a new medical journal from the AAN aimed at providing members with the latest information on how to improve patient outcomes. The new journal will be sent as a supplement to the November 2, 2010, print issue of the Neurology journal.

Neurology: Clinical Practice, features best practices, evidence-based research and articles on topics that directly affect practicing neurologists.

"The first issue features 10 engaging article on topics such as the latest treatment advances in multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke," said Editor John Corboy, MD, FAAN. "In addition, articles on Medicare, health care reform, and electronic health records are included to help neurologists run their practices."

The first of two trial issues for Neurology: Clinical Practice debuts November 2, 2010, with the second issue planned for February 2011. A survey will be sent following the second issue to determine whether the new journal meets members' needs.

View the new issue of Neurology: Clinical Practice and let the AAN know what you think.