AAN Partnership Offers Free FDA Patient Safety Alerts to Members

August 10, 2010


The AAN has partnered with the Health Care Notification Network (HCNN) to provide AAN members a unique online service that delivers timely neurology-specific FDA-mandated patient safety drug alerts electronically. This new AAN member benefit is free to members who wish to receive it; however, it is necessary to sign-up in order to participate in the program. Participants may also opt out at any time.

The HCNN is the only network that delivers FDA-required drug alerts for recalls and warnings to physicians and prescribers online. This new program is an excellent opportunity for practicing neurologists to stay current on specialty-specific FDA alerts in order to provide the safest and best possible care for their patients. Because these alerts are targeted by specialty, not all doctors get all alerts; therefore, AAN member participants can expect to receive less than one alert per week, on average. Other benefits include:

  • Alerts emailed immediately from FDA—no delays in receiving urgent news
  • All the largest pharmaceutical firms are engaged with the HCNN
  • Convenient vehicle for forwarding appropriate warnings to patients
  • Improves patient safety and reduces physician liability
  • Endorsed by major liability carriers and medical societies
  • No paper or mailbox clutter
  • Physicians can have a copy of the alerts sent to up to three additional office staff, such as a nurse or receptionist
  • Delivery is guaranteed— if you don’t open the email within 72 hours, this will trigger a postal delivery of the information.

Registration is free and takes only two minutes to complete. Don’t be the last to know about prescription recalls and warnings—sign-up today to enroll in this free AAN member benefit!