Sunday Kicks Off Weeklong Science Programming

April 11, 2010


By Stefan M. Pulst, MD, FAAN

We've got some great science sessions coming up today. Be sure to check out the Integrated Neuroscience session on genetics chaired by Drs. Massimo Pandolfo and Natalia Rost in Reception Hall 104. The event begins with platform sessions this morning, followed by an hour for posters, and concludes with a 90-minute session of speakers featuring the latest discoveries and more. The afternoon follows the same format, but with a focus on pediatric demyelinating disorders. Monday's Integrated Neuroscience is Toxins and Infections in the morning and an afternoon session on concepts in cognitive neuroscience.

Tuesday, the Science Program takes off with a morning of posters followed by the Presidential Plenary. The Presidential Plenary will feature four internationally renowned recipients of the Academy's premier lecture awards. Speakers include:

  • Presidential lecture – Dr. Steven Goldman
  • Wartenberg lecture – Dr. Philip Wolf
  • Carter lecture – Dr. Gabrielle DeVeber
  • Cotzias lecture – Dr. Dennis Selkoe

New this year are Poster Discussion sessions in which topic experts lead a dialogue between authors and attendees on 10 highlighted abstracts. This is an exciting chance to get insight from both authors and the experts in a public forum.

Later in the evening, moderator Dr. Raymond Roos will highlight four important topics at the Hot Topics Plenary:

  • "Whole Exome Sequencing: The future is now" – Dr. Jeffrey Vance
  • CREST Trial – Dr. Thomas Brott
  • "Devices for Epilepsy" – Dr. Gregory Worrell
  • "Comparative Effectiveness Research" – Dr. S. Claiborne Johnston

Poster, platform, and Integrated Neuroscience sessions continue throughout the week so be sure to check out the complete science program for topics, times, and room locations.

The week concludes with the Future of Neuroscience Conference: Frontiers in Neuroimaging. The event has limited seating and requires separate registration, so be sure to stop in at the registration to ensure your spot.