CMS Announces Revised HCPCS Codes Relating to Immune Globulin

June 25, 2007


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have announced revised HCPCS codes for immune globulin services, starting July 1, 2007. Four codes will replace code J1567 (injection, immune globulin, intravenous, non-lyophilized (e.g. liquid), 500 mg). The replacement payable codes are:

  • Q4087 (Octagam injection)
  • Q4088 (Gammagard Liquid injection)
  • Q4091 (Flebogamma injection)
  • Q4092 (Gamunex injection)

In addition, two new codes are payable: Q4089 (Rhophylac injection); and Q4090 (HepaGam B injection). The J1567 code will no longer be payable to Medicare starting July 1.

Medicare contractors will pay for pre-administration related services (G0332) associated with intravenous immune globulin administration when Q1087, Q4088, Q4091, or Q4092 is billed in place of J1567. Read the Medlearn Matters article from CMS for more information.