New Jersey Passes NCV Study Legislation

January 25, 2010


A bill removing the stipulation that only a licensed physician may perform nerve conduction velocity (NCV) studies has passed through both bodies of the New Jersey Legislature and has been signed by Governor Jon Corzine. The bill, SB 1305, takes immediate effect as a new law.

The bill deletes a statutory provision stipulating that a licensed physician must perform nerve conduction studies. The new law now only limits who may interpret evoked potentials or nerve conduction studies.

In 2006, the AAN supported New Jersey Assembly Bill 456, which sought to define needle electromyography (EMG) and the interpretation of NCV studies as the practice of medicine in the state of New Jersey. Prior to final passage, however, the language was changed without the AAN's knowledge or support and was signed into law, defining the performance of needle EMG as well as the interpretation and performance NCV studies as the practice of medicine. This ultimately prevented technicians from performing NCV studies legally.

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