Free Academy Q&A Document Now Available

December 22, 2009


The AAN has published a document containing detailed questions and answers derived from the December 8, 2009, webinar, "Medicare Eliminates Consults: What Neurologists Need to Know by January 1."

Sample questions from the Q&A:

Q: How is the admitting doctor being notified to use AI modifier?
A: His practice needs to make sure s/he is educated about the new modifier and how it is to be used.

Q: The physician I bill for does the admission for the rehabilitation unit at the hospital. If the patient is discharged from the hospital and admitted to the unit, will I need to add the AI modifier?
A: Yes, if the rehab unit is a separate hospital with a separate tax id. If the rehabilitation unit uses the same tax id as the acute unit, then this is a transfer and not an admit and the subsequent daily care codes should be used.

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