Learn How to Be an Insider with the State Neurosociety Newsletter

December 18, 2009


The Neurosociety Insider newsletter keeps state societies up-to-date on information and resources, helping them to meet their challenges. This online newsletter helps neurosocieties to share their successes and related tips that will benefit all societies. Inside the first issue you'll learn:

  • How the AAN supports state societies
  • Pennsylvania advocacy successes
  • 2010 neurosociety meeting dates
  • Society profiles of Florida and New York
  • Tools to improve your neurosociety website

Read the Neurosociety Insider.

To provide feedback on the Neurosociety Insider, learn more about how you can get involved with your local organization, and how the Academy supports state neurological societies, contact Dave Showers at dshowers@aan.com or 651-332-8683.