Make Your 2010 Medicare Participation Decision by March 17

December 18, 2009


The AAN continues seeks to provide the latest news on Medicare participation options, in order to help you make decisions in 2010. Providers seeking to change their participation or non-participation status for 2010, have until March 17, 2010, to decide, even though the decision will be in effect for the entire 2010 calendar year. Contractors will accept and process any participation elections or withdrawals made during the extended enrollment period that are received or postmarked on or before March 17, 2010

The American Medical Association (AMA) has created a tool to help you make this important decision. This document was developed in response to the ruling by the CMS to cut the Medicare physician payment schedule conversion factor by 21.2 percent, to $28.41, which will take effect January 1, 2010, unless Congress intervenes. The document is not intended to recommend any of the three options provided, but instead should be used as a tool to help you are make an informed decision about your 2010, participation status based on the current Medicare changes.

View the AMA document outlining your participation options.