CMS Offers Alternative Process for Accessing PQRI Reports

November 2, 2009


Beginning on October 19, 2009, individual eligible providers may now call their respective carrier or A/B MAC Provider Contact Center to request 2007 Re-Run and 2008 PQRI feedback reports, which will contain data based on their individual National Provider Identifier (NPI). In addition, eligible providers who are part of a group practice can now receive their individual feedback reports.

When requesting feedback reports, eligible providers will be asked to provide an email address. Eligible providers can then expect to receive the emailed feedback report within 30 days of the request. If no report is available, the provider will receive an email notification.

Eligible providers who request feedback reports based on tax identification number (TIN) or group practice information will still be required to access their PQRI feedback reports via the PQRI Portal after first registering in IACS. An IACS user identification and password is required to access the PQRI Portal. Access the PQRI Portal.