SGR Vote in Senate Does Not Pass

October 22, 2009


The Senate took a procedural vote on Wednesday on S.1776, which would have permanently repealed the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula. The vote to invoke cloture failed on a 47–53. Needing 60 votes, the Senate failed to move forward to consider the legislation that remains a top priority for the Academy.

While not an ideal solution, Congressional leaders say they are committed to installing another temporary fix to SGR, as physicians face a 21 percent payment cut on January 1, 2010.

As Congress considers a comprehensive health reform bill, the Academy will continue to advocate for a permanent fix to SGR. The Academy is also advocating for an amendment to both the House and Senate bills that would include neurology in any primary care bonuses.

In the meantime, members are encouraged to continue logging on to Vocus to send a message to their elected officials, asking them to:

  • Include neurology in any primary care bonus plan
  • Eliminate the flawed Medicare physician reimbursement system
  • Pass meaningful liability reform

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