Contact Congress on Physician Bonus Payments

October 12, 2009


The Academy needs your help. The US House and Senate are currently considering health care reform legislation that would give five to 10 percent bonuses to physicians who provide primary care services.

The definition of "primary care" is based on the use of evaluation and management codes (E/M), but Congress has not yet included neurologic services as eligible.

On average, Academy members bill over 60 percent under E/M codes. This places neurology in a group of physicians that includes family practice care, internal medicine, geriatrics, and pediatrics—all specialties included in the current primary care services bonus proposal.

The Academy has been working diligently to ensure that Congress recognizes that the patient care provided by neurologists is exactly the type of care that Congress is trying to incentivize: cognitive, face-to-face care for patients.

We need your help to spread this message.

Please take a moment to send a message to your members of Congress. Describe the kind of care neurologists provide, and ask them to:

  • Include Neurology in any primary care bonus plan
  • Eliminate the flawed Medicare physician reimbursement system
  • Pass meaningful liability reform

Now is the time for neurology to be heard! With just three clicks, you can send an email letter of support to your member of Congress. Start with the link below.

Contact Congress Now!

Thank you in advance for your support.