Government Employees May Need Special Passport to Attend 2010 Annual Meeting

August 3, 2009


Federal government employees looking to attend the 2010 AAN Annual Meeting in Toronto, ON, Canada, on official government business should be aware of an important passport policy.

In order to attend the Annual Meeting on business, it may be necessary for government employees to obtain an official United States government no-fee passport from their appropriate agency office. You may need this passport to be compensated for their time on official business, rather than taking the time as personal time. Employees should contact the appropriate office within your agency to discuss proposed dates of attendance and to confirm whether or not they will need this official passport.

Please note that from the time of application, it could take up to six months to receive a new no-fee passport. Government employees are encouraged to contact their agency offices today for qualifications, use policies, and application instructions.

Government employees who will be attending the 2010 Annual Meeting in a nonofficial capacity (e.g., annual leave), may be able to use a personal regular-fee passport—however, it is recommended that each employee check with his/her respective agency to confirm.

Learn more on the 2010 Annual Meeting page (under "Passport Information").