Interactive 2008 Annual Report Published Online

July 22, 2009


Indispensable, the 2008 Annual Report for the AAN and its subsidiaries, has been published online this year in an interactive format.

As explained in the letter from the Academy's leadership to members, this change from traditional print to electronic publication is part of an overall effort to reduce expenses in this challenging economic climate, without sacrificing the value of membership in the AAN.

From the Introduction: "One example of cost savings is this 2008 Annual Report, our first to be published only online, thus saving considerable costs for printing and postage—as well as being friendlier to the environment. An advantage with this approach is that we have embedded links to information on that you can access instantly."

Readers can watch a brief video featuring Drs. Russell N. DeJong, Francis M. Forster, and Joseph A. Resch discussing the founding of the Academy, and can share their thoughts about the report by leaving comments on the final page of the report that will be forwarded to leadership.