Request Health Insurer Documents Before Settlements End

July 9, 2009


The Academy is committed to informing members about opportunities to take command of your insurer contracts: an essential component of running a successful practice. Due to recent insurer settlements with WellPoint/Anthem, Health Net, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield, physicians can provide written requests to the health insurers for copies of their contracts and fee schedules. Fully understanding the implications of contract provisions and keeping copies of these reference documents can help you protect your practice from inappropriate payer discounts.

The insurers are required to provide physicians with copies upon written request until their settlements expire. The settlement end dates are as follows:

WellPoint/Anthem July 15, 2009
Humana October 19, 2009
Health Net July 1, 2010

If a health insurer does not honor your request, consider filing a compliance dispute.

Find out how the AMA provides information on the settlements.