Earn CME and Learn About Ethics Education at the 2009 Education Colloquium

March 20, 2009


The Education Colloquium: Ethics and Education, takes place at the 2009 Annual Meeting on Monday April 27, 2009, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The Colloquium is presented free of charge at the Annual Meeting and is open to all registered participants, particularly those whose lives are most closely associated with the education of students and physicians in neurology. Participants will earn 3 CME credits for attending this event.

The ethical dimensions of medical practice have grown exponentially over the past several decades. Neurologists often play a central role in the identification of ethical issues and the development of guidelines for care based on ethical, scientific, and clinical principles.

This year's Education Colloquium will consider ethics education in a discussion of how to teach ethics. Following an exploration of the influence of the clinical environment and culture on the ethical behavior of students, residents, faculty, and practitioners, the Colloquium will cover how this influences patient care and safety. The essentials of an ethics curriculum and an exploration of a variety of ways to teach ethics in the clinic, at the bedside, and in group settings will be presented. Finally, faculty will delve into medical practice and the structure and purpose of health law.

Upon completion, participants should be able to identify emerging and currently relevant issues in medical ethics and suggest topics to be addressed in future reports; and discuss salient ethical and legal issues in responding to requests from adult patients for neurological enhancement.

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